Transport and Industry Development Investment Joint Stock Company (Tracodi)

ANTRACO: After-tax profit reaches 17 billion VND in 6 months, up by 54% of the annual plan


(TCD) Within the first six months, Antraco 's production and consumption attain 966.436 m3 and 747.775 m3, equivalent to 66,65% and 51,57% of the annual plan, respectively.  Total company 6-month revenue is 146 billion VND, up by 53,19% of 2017 of the annual plan. 

Due to the lack of building sand, the traffic construction and infrastructure have been significantly affected. Additionally, the illegal sand exploitation has a severe impact on the environment, river flows, and other natural elements.

In the previous July, ANTRACO released a brand-new artificial sand. The ANTRACO artificial sand has an even grain-size and an ability to adjust its properties according to different types of cement.

According to reports, the Southern Vietnam Region market yearly consumes around 5 million m3 constructing sand while 3 million m3 for artificial sand. ANTRACO artificial sand production capacity is currently 1000 m3 per day in order to supply for main constructions in Mekong delta region and other concrete plants.