Transport and Industry Development Investment Joint Stock Company (Tracodi)

BCG AGM 2020: Chairman of Bamboo Capital (BCG) “The company needs capital of about USD 1 billion, although the investors are dedicated but still have to be self-reliant”


(CafeF) Bamboo Capital (BCG) has set revenue and net profit targets of VND 1,913 billion and VND 184,2 billion in 2020, 24 per cent and 31,1 per cent higher than last year.


Chairman Nguyen Ho Nam speaks at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2020


Recognized at the recent Annual General Meeting 2020, Bamboo Capital (BCG) has approved the public offering to increase its charter capital to more than VND 2,040 billion. Specifically, from Q3/2020 – Q2/2021, BCG will offer more than 68 million shares at a 2:1 ratio to existing shareholders to supplement capital for production and business activities.

Regarding this program, Chairman Nguyen Ho Nam announced that BCG shareholders need around USD 1 billion of capital in the immediate future. The capital base would be the financial consultant of KPMG; but the BCG representative emphasized that self-reliance is much stronger. Accordingly, in the ensuing years, BCG is expected to pay a dividend of 12 per cent in cash, while the remaining income is projected to be split by the Group to increase its debt. In addition to increasing money across the bond market, this provides opportunities to increase investment, concentrating in particular on the energy sector.


The discussion between shareholders and the Chairman of the Conference

Firstly, in the agricultural production market, BCG will continue to increase revenue from subsidiaries in categories such as marginal tapioca starch, coffee and wood furniture…

Secondly, construction and trading focused on Tracodi Company as the general contractor of direct construction of Projects for BCG Parent Company as the investor.

Thirdly, with infrastructure and real estate, BCG plans to complete and hand over in 2020-2021 at the Villa and Hotel project in combination with commercial office King Crown (District 2, Ho Chi Minh City); Malibu Hoi An Resort; Amor Garden; Casa Marina Resort phase 2 …

“Tourism and industrial real estate (IZ) will create a stable income for the Company. Currently, the Cat Chinh IZ project has been licensed to deploy, covering an area of nearly 400ha, 6 – 7 minutes from Phu Cat airport. Besides, the Company has a project with an area of 270 hectares in cooperation with partners, now officially acquired, ” Mr. Nam emphasized.

In particular, in the industrial real estate segment, BCG will conduct to find big customers first, incentives to pay rent so that it has revenue and confidence for financial institutions to sponsor. After that, the Company sought to sell at a high price to the following customers.



Bamboo Capital’s Annual General Meeting in 2020

Finally, renewable energy, the Company continues to maintain stable operation of 40MW and 100 MW Solar Power Plant in Thanh Hoa, Long An. At the same time deploying rooftop voltage projects in industrial zones in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM

With the above points, the company expects revenue in 2020 to increase by 24% to VND1,913 billion, net profit to increase by 31% to VND 184 billion – mainly from the real estate segment. Entering 2021, BCG set the ambitious NPAT to increase 5 times to VND 917 billion. Deputy General Director Nguyen Thanh Hung said that in 2021, the Company expects the solar PV portfolio and 4 real estate projects will have revenue dropping points this year. When the Phu My solar and wind power projects in Soc Trang are completed, the cash flow will be collected in 20 – 25 years. Starting in 2021, BCG will enter a period of high and stable growth.

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