Transport and Industry Development Investment Joint Stock Company (Tracodi)

TRACODI (TCD) has surpassed its FY2017 plan with consolidated revenue of 1,096.2 billion VND and profit before tax of 91.3 billion VND

Transport and Industry Development Investment Joint Stock Company (TCD) has announced an impressive growth in Q4/2017 profit after tax in comparison with the same period of 2016.
In particular, at the end of Q4/2017, TCD has achieved a consolidated revenue of 59.5 billion VND from sales of goods and services, reflecting a 39% increase over Q4/2016. In addition, financial transactions have contributed more than 4.7 billion VND in revenue. TCD’s subsidiaries and affiliates have also grown strongly and contributed more than 200% of proportional profit over the same period of 2016.
Profit after tax reaches 23.14 billion VND in Q4/2017, or 55% increase over the same period of last year, in which most of it comes from trading of Thanh Vu Tay Ninh cassava starch and construction stones from Antraco, increasing by 4 billion VND and 4.2 billion VND, respectively.
By the end of 2017, TRACODI has exceeded its target, achieving 1,096.2 billion VND in accumulated consolidated revenue and 91.3 billion VND in profit before tax, equivalent to 125% and 122% of its FY2017 plan.
In general, TCD has grown stably in 2017 and its revenue mainly comes from three core activities including trading, infrastructure construction and quarrying. Especially, the construction segment has contributed more than 135 billion VND. Quarrying and trading have also grown significantly and contributed more than 355 billion VND and 549 billion VND in revenue, respectively.
In 2018, TRACODI has targeted its consolidated revenue of 1,101 billion VND and profit after tax of 103.6 billion VND. TCD is expected to earn an abnormal return from infrastructure construction with projects including BT 830C and 5,000 social houses in Long An Province); Malibu resort in  Quang Nam Province; and solar projects owned by its parent company - BCG. In addition, export of key products such as cassava starch is expected to continue to grow strongly in 2018, contributing roughly 400 billion VND in revenue. Tracodi Power JSC, a subsidiary of TRACODI, has just established with its strategy to focus on consultancy, design and construction of solar rooftops for factories and buildings.