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Vietnamese Commercial Counselor to Germany: A meeting between two large corporations Bamboo Capital and Siemens Energy.


(BCG) On March 13, 2020, at the conference between Vietnamese Commercial Counselor and Siemens Group in Germany, Mr. Bui Vuong Anh witnessed the meeting between Siemens Group (Germany) and Bamboo Capital Group (Vietnam).

The meeting was attended by Mr.  Bui Vuong Anh – Vietnamese Commercial Counselor, Mr. Carsten Hasbach – Director of Government Relations of Siemens Energy Group and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung – Vice Chairman of Bamboo Capital Group.

Vietnamese Commercial Counselor Bui Vuong Anh (on the right), Mr. Carsten Hasbach, Director of Government Relations at Siemens Energy Group and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, Vice Chairman of Bamboo Capital Group.

At the meeting, the parties discussed the next steps of cooperation after the memorandum of understanding (MOU 94/2019) and the conference minutes signed on January 12, 2021 between the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam and the Ministry of Energy Economy of Germany.
Mr. Bui Vuong Anh evaluates Bamboo Capital Group as a reputable enterprise in the field of renewable energy, industrial and commercial infrastructure. Moreover, BCG can be a potential partner for Siemens Energy to consider a comprehensive cooperation in implementing investment in Vietnam.

In fact, Siemens Energy Group also acknowledges the ability of Bamboo Capital Group and expresses its interests in promoting the development of renewable energy, LNG, storage technology, intelligent infrastructure, technology training and transferring and technology improvement for thermal power plants in Vietnam.

Siemens Energy Group shared at the event that the two parties will process further to firm a cooperation agreement in the near future.

In addition, Commercial Counselor Bui Vuong Anh suggested that Bamboo Capital Group should focus on training high-quality human resources in Germany and Europe. Other than that, the Group should boost the exports of Dr. Nam coffee to penetrate deeply into the German market in order to help expatriates easily access the traditional Vietnamese coffee flavor and contribute to raising the level of Vietnamese agricultural products in Europe.