ABA Vietnam Launching & Business Matching Day

(BCG) On April 25, 2019, BCG cooperated with VCCI and ABA Korea to organize ABA Vietnam Launching & Business Matching Day

The ABA Vietnam Launching & Business Matching Day Conference organized by BCG Group in coordination with VCCI and ABA Korea was successfully held at Nikko Saigon Hotel in the afternoon of April 25, 2019. The seminar had been attended by the BOD members of BCG and 18 Korean enterprises with diverse industries. With this event, BCG wishes to enhance opportunities for businesses to learn, introduce and exchange information and promote the relationship between the two countries, not only sharing business policies but also contributes to promoting cooperation opportunities between businesses of the two countries. The organizers arranged a perfect time and atmosphere for businesses to exchange and learn more about each other's products and services.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1992, Vietnam - Korea relations have developed rapidly in all areas including politics, security, economy, culture, tourism and so on. Up to date, Korea is currently the largest foreign investor in Vietnam with a total registered direct investment (FDI) in October 2018 of about $ 65 billion with more than 7,000 projects. Korea is currently the second largest trading partner of Vietnam and Vietnam as South Korea's third largest trading partner.

Cooperation with the Asian Business Alliance (ABA) will be a solid foundation for the long-term development relationship between BCG and Korean businesses in the future.